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Entrées du February 2009

21 February 2009    Conferences

Conference : Jonathan Li from Asentio Design


On Friday the 20th of February, Jonathan Li met with the students to present its design agency : Asentio Design. As a founder, he explained the strategic keys of his company, its creative philosophy and business method.

Jonathan Li : Senior interaction designer at Asentio Design.
Graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) and obtained a Master degree of Science in Human Factors Product Design at Tufts University (US).
Worked for 10 years as a mobile UI design experience at Motorola, Lucent/Philips Consumer Communication and IDEO in the US. [Read more →]

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18 February 2009    Events

Design Creates Future 2009


In July 2009, l’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique will participate in the Design Creates Future event. It will there present the school programme in China and show some students works.
Design creates future 2009: organised by the Qingdao Industrial Design Association, this event aims at promoting the worldwide communication and exchanging of the consumer electronics between China and overseas, establishing extensive contact between producers and target clients, and accelerating the globalization of consumer electronics market. [Read more →]

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2 February 2009    Events

Class starts on the 16th of February


Now that students have finished their internships, they are welcome to go back to class. Let’s then follow what they study and accomplish along the semester.


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