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Entrées du January 2010

8 January 2010    News

A Song in France

a chinese girl in France

From the 4th to the 9th of January, SONG Guannan, the assistant and interpreter of the Chinese campus of L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique, came and visit the France based design school. Since she had never been there, she really appreciated meeting her colleagues. She will think of them back in China. [Read more →]

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7 January 2010    Conferences   News

L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique meets Chinese design students

chinese design programme presentation

From the 23rd to the 27th of November 2009, the administration team of the Chinese Campus of L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique came and visit several Qingdao based design school to explain them how design teaching is organised in France.

Since their education system, in China, is really different, students from Qingdao Technological University 青岛理工大学,  Ocean University of China 青岛海洋大学, Qingdao University of Science & Technology 青岛科技大学 and Qingdao University 青岛大学 were really interested in these presentations. [Read more →]

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5 January 2010    Events

Final year design projects: Phase 2

design students jury phase 2 Qingdao china

On Wednesday the 17th of December 2009, Frederic Degouzon, Head of Strategy, Research and International Development of L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique and Jocelyne Le Boeuf, Head of Studies came and visit the 5th year students in Qingdao. They participated in the jury of the phase 2 of student’s final year projects. [Read more →]

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2 January 2010    News   Students' group projects

Design workshop at EM Lyon Shanghai

EM Lyon Shanghai design worshop

From the 23rd to the 27th of November, Frédéric Bonin, the Head of Studies of China Campus, lead a design workshop at EM Lyon Shanghai, a top-tier French “Grande Ecole” teaching Management at a Master’s degree level. For 3 days, he helped EM Lyon students to create 3 business plans for new business projects. [Read more →]

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