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24 June 2009    Students' group projects   

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The 4th year students presented their concepts in front of Hisense creative team


In April, Wang Difei, the design director of Hisense R&D Center asked the thirteen 4th year students to find design solutions for Hisense domestic electrical appliances, television and electronic devices to expand its markets.


Hisense (海信) is a Chinese electronics manufacturer. Products manufactured under the Hisense brand include televisions, air conditioners, LCDs, refrigerators and mobile phones. It is one of the biggest leading companies in mainland China.

hisense 4

The 13 students spread into 3 groups and presented their design solutions on the 23rd of June in Hisense R&D Center. They came up with a total of 16 different concepts that obviously appealed to Hisense Design Director.


CONCEPT EXAMPLE : LOA – VISIO CONFERENCE SYSTEM (Lise Picard, Quentin Tableau, Rémi Decoene, Anne-Claire Mahéo)

hisense 5hisense 7

CONCEPT EXAMPLE : GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (Lise Picard, Quentin Tableau, Rémi Decoene, Anne-Claire Mahéo)

tacoshisense 8

Some of these concepts will be developed next year. To be continued.




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